Rewriting the Refugee Narrative Through the Power of Sport

​​Globally, the number of people being forced to leave their home country because of conflict, persecution, climate change or unstable governments is at an all time high. The more common displacement becomes, the more divisive the media gets, reinforcing stereotypes and stigmatizing displaced people. But in a world that makes displaced people feel like they don’t belong, sport is a refuge—a powerful force that helps them find their place.

To change the narrative around displaced communities and to highlight the power of sport to change lives, we created a series called ‘HOME.’ In this docuseries, we craft a deeper, more multifaceted narrative of what it means to be a displaced athlete in Europe. We see that, in a world that often sees displaced athletes through labels like “refugee”, “migrant”, or “foreigner”, sport lets them be who they truly are, beyond their legal status, helping them find purpose, identity, and belonging.

In the first episodes, we follow the journeys of young coaches from BuntKicktGut, a Berlin-based intercultural street football league, and professional football player, Alphonso Davies. For all of them, in their own ways, sport has been a transformative space. The episodes, authentic and optimistically future-facing, show that sport is more than a game—it can help people find a home.

Our first two episodes had more than 9 million views on YouTube, and episode 2 featuring Alphonso Davies generated the highest organic engagement rate on Nike’s YouTube channel during the campaign.


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